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Plots Management Software - Features - Blindersoe

Interactive Real Time Digital Layout


Frontend Digital Layout

Experience our revolutionary Interactive Mobile Friendly Real-Time Digital Layout. Our innovative solution empowers site visitors to seamlessly visualize Available, Booked, and Hold Plots


Backend Digital Layout

Picture the efficiency gained by accessing comprehensive project details directly from the layout. Our exclusive backend digital layout achieves just that.


Plot Bookings & Management

Effortlessly manage every booking and its associated details, including token information, agent commissions, customer installment payments, reminders, documentation, and other plot-related charges.

Token System

The token system feature empowers users to secure property bookings through initial deposits, facilitating efficient reservation management with designated booking and payment deadlines to ensure timely payments and avoid cancellations.

Customer Payments & Installments

Efficiently oversee customer payments and installment plans, while seamlessly incorporating transaction details such as dates and relevant payment documentation.

Agent Commission Management

Link bookings to agents, incorporate commission details, and effectively manage commission cycle payments.

Documents & Uploads

Attach crucial documents such as sale deeds, title deeds, property registration documents, completion certificates, and sale agreements to each booking, ensuring comprehensive documentation for legal compliance and transaction transparency.

Remainders & Receipts

Include payment reminders for each booking to facilitate follow-ups with customers, and share booking receipts for enhanced transaction transparency.

Purchase Related Charges

Track and organize charges like registration fees, stamp duty, legal expenses, and other associated costs seamlessly. This feature ensures hassle-free management of expenses throughout the property transaction.


Agent Bookings Management

Agent Login

Empowering agents to efficiently create temporary bookings, reserve plots, and oversee bookings associated with their account.

Allot Plots to Agents

This feature allows you to allocate plots to agents, enabling them to hold and create bookings exclusively for the allotted plots.

Agent - Digital Layout

Agents will have a dashboard integrated within the layout, allowing them to create and reserve plots seamlessly.


Customer Login

Customer Delight: Enable customers to access their bookings through a secure login.

Booking History:Customers have the ability to review bookings, remainders and transactions associated with their account.

Updates : Customers can stay informed about progress regarding their booking, with the added feature of attaching photos/videos to showcase development updates.

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Discover the power of our integrated CMS ( Content Management System)

Filtering & Reports

Searching, filtering, and exporting records are accessible throughout the application for enhanced usability.

Projects & Media Management

Efficiently oversee projects and their related details, including project status, city, brochures, images, videos, floor plans, highlights, and more.

Bulk Plot Entry

Seamlessly handle bulk plot entries and effortlessly export reports from anywhere within the platform.

Permissions & Access Control

Effortlessly oversee employee management and access control to safeguard data privacy and security. Tailor access permissions to regulate content accessibility, empowering you to manage resources effectively and mitigate risks


Utilize the news and blog feature to publish company and project updates effortlessly.


Effortlessly oversee your company information, social media links, about section, vision, mission, and team details. Additionally, manage property types, plot types, leads, and more with ease.

Nandigram Township

Anandi Buildcon - Maharashtra

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Shayona Valley - 3

Vision Realty Group - Nagpur

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Manasa Megacity

HVR Group - Andhra Pradesh

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